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The Source Launches New “Provider Rate Regulation” Interactive Key Issue Pages

The Source on Healthcare Price & Competition is thrilled to announce the launch of the newest interactive key issue pages in Provider Rate Regulation. Along with a report published in Frontiers in Health Services, this series of key issue pages aim to provide state policymakers with a roadmap of effective strategies to address rapidly increasing prices.

In many markets, where existing competition are insufficient to constrain the pricing power of dominant insurers and providers, policymakers need to consider options to directly limit the unrelenting increase of healthcare prices that threatens the affordability of health care for Americans. With support from Arnold Ventures and months of research and design, we identified a spectrum of seven options for states to place pressure on or directly control healthcare prices:


Navigate to each individual policy option page for additional information including:

  • A Q&A overview
  • Implementation map of states
  • Comparison chart of state experiences
  • Reading list



Find out more on the new pages, as well as the accompanying report "Options for states to constrain pricing power of health care providers". Stay tuned as we continue to roll out additional features and analyses on The Source. We look forward to your comments and feedback here!

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