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Welcome to The Source! A Letter from the Editors

Welcome to The Source for Competitive Healthcare!

The Source is an independent, nonprofit initiative of the UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium on Law, Science &amp|Health Policy that serves as a multi-disciplinary resource for information and analysis about healthcare costs and competition.

We created The Source to facilitate efforts to reduce healthcare costs and promote competition in healthcare markets by improving access to information and analysis from a wide range of sources and disciplines. The Source aims to be a one-stop shop for those interested in these issues and efforts. At The Source, you will find the latest news stories from the nation’s major newspapers and various online publications,  proposed and enacted legislation and regulations, academic research, reports from stakeholder groups, information on state and federal enforcement efforts, litigation documents, as well as expert analysis from The Source to help explain it all. We offer a wide range of materials from a number of stakeholder perspectives to promote discussion and collective problem solving. We believe that only through multidisciplinary collaboration that considers the full range of information and viewpoints will we be able to develop innovative but careful solutions to the crises facing our existing healthcare system.

We have designed The Source to be searchable from a variety of vantage points – so just dive in! You can find what you are looking for in numerous ways. Check out the News page to get a sense of recent developments and what the healthcare media are covering. Want to know what is happening in your state? Click on it in the Interactive Maps for Legislation/Regulation and Litigation/Enforcement and see the latest proposed bills, enforcement efforts, cases filed, and other interesting events. The map on the overview page provides a quick guide to these developments, and the topic-specific maps will give you the detail. Following a particular case? Find all the case filings and relevant documents on the Litigation/Enforcement page. Want to read proposed legislation? Find a link to the bill and news articles on it on the Legislation/Regulation page. Interested in a particular topic? Go to Key Issues and examine the latest news, research and developments related to healthcare costs, price transparency, healthcare markets, and the impact of the Affordable Care Act. Intrigued by what the experts say? Go to Academic Articles or Reports where you can browse the latest research and search by topic area. Want to hear opinions on the issues by various healthcare players?  Check out the Stakeholder Perspectives page.

Interested in what we think? Check out The Source Blog and read our take on recent developments and trends. Here we will follow litigation and enforcement developments, new legislation and regulations, interesting news articles, and recently published academic articles and reports that will highlight the most relevant events.. In addition, we will send out a monthly newsletter to catch you up on the month’s developments in healthcare costs and competition, so please sign up!

A note about accessing the materials we link to: The Source collects writings from a number of publications, some of which are free and some of which require a subscription.  We hope that many of you will be able to access most of the items we link to.  If you cannot access a particular piece, we suggest that you contact your organization to determine whether you might have access through a subscription or through a library service like ProQuest.  In addition, many publications offer free access for a limited time, or to a certain number of articles, which we hope will allow you to get the content you need. Also, some publications offer free access to those with an .edu email address. For court documents, we have posted links to publicly available documents from the Source’s Dropbox, or, in some cases, links to the government agency or court site where you may access these papers for free, so you will not require a subscription to a legal database to access pleadings or other litigation documents.  Please let us know if we can help you determine how best to find everything you are looking for!

Thanks for visiting The Source. We hope you find some interesting and useful information, because the more we all understand our healthcare system, the market forces that affect it, and the laws that govern it, the better equipped we will be to begin to resolve its problems.

Best regards,

Jaime S. King and Anne Marie Helm


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