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The Source Reboot: You’re Gonna Love It!

It’s here! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the completely revamped Source website! The Source team has worked tirelessly with developers for many months to upgrade the design and functionalities of the entire site to accommodate our ever-expanding content and optimize the user experience for our loyal readers. In addition to a complete overhaul of the structure and design, we have significantly expanded the scope, content, and features of the site.

We are excited to unveil a brand new Pharmaceuticals Page, where we track and analyze the latest legislative and court actions that affect prescription drug costs and reform. Additionally, our new site also features an advanced searchable database that incorporates legislation and litigation records across different jurisdictions and topics, to allow users to quickly browse and find specific issues of interest.

Here’s a brief user guide and overview of the new site to help you navigate the new features and content:

1. Homepage/Latest: This page features an overview of the latest activities and updates on the site, including original Source content on The Source Blog in a slider view, daily curated News & Opinions and Articles & Reports in the right-hand column, and recent State Action in legislation and litigation shown in map view. We keep this layout consistently throughout the site to help users quickly browse different pages and content.


2. The Source Blog: We have significantly improved our blog site by adding the ability to filter and browse blog posts by category, key issue topics, author, and date in the left-hand column:

  • Blog Category: In addition to existing categories such as the monthly Academic Articles & Reports Roundup and California Legislative Beat, we have created new categories of blog posts including Litigation & Enforcement Highlights, Source Insights, and Spotlight on State. Users can quickly pull up and read all series of posts in the same category;
  • Key Issue Topic: Each blog post will now be tagged with issue tags at the bottom of the post, which allows the reader to easily find additional posts covering the same topic. The left-hand column menu can also direct the reader to posts of other related topics;
  • Blog Author: We now feature author profiles for our regular Blog contributors, and the ability to view all posts by a particular author;
  • Blog Date: Users can browse and review archived blog posts by month, beginning February 2014.


3. Key Issues: We have restructured the website to arrange all resources and content by key issues. Users can select from the dropdown menu five major key issue areas: 1) Healthcare Markets, 2) Healthcare Costs, 3) Price Transparency, 4) Pharmaceuticals, and 5) Healthcare System Reform, and browse the latest updates of each topic area in a user-friendly, easy to navigate format consistent with the layout of the homepage:

  • The Source original content on The Source Blog in a blog slider;
  • News & Op-eds and Articles & Reports in right-hand column;
  • Latest Trends in the form of interactive maps by topic;
  • Recent Action in terms of state legislation and legal actions.


4. State Pages: We now feature a state action landing page where we provide an overview of nationwide trends in state legislation. Looking for state specific information? From the state landing page, or directly from the dropdown menu under “State Action”, select from individual state pages for all 50 states to read about healthcare price and competition in each state, including the latest coverage and news, legislation and litigation, and other useful resources.


5. Searchable Database: The centerpiece of the new Source website is a highly efficient, user-friendly searchable database that allows users to quickly locate resources for by topic and content type. The database incorporates all records of 1) Legislation, 2) Litigation, 3) News & Op-eds, and 4) Articles & Reports. In addition to finding these records on key issue pages and state pages, head to the Database page for each type of record (found at the footer of the site) to browse, search, and filter the records by keyword, key issue tags, jurisdiction, status, and date.


In addition to the Source Database, users can search all Source content in the Search box on the main menu bar.

We hope the features and improvements of the new site will enhance your user experience and provide useful resources for your research and educational needs. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! As always, please let us know if there’s anything we could do to make your Source experience even better! As The Source continues to expand and produce more content than ever before, we thank you for continuing to support us with your readership and feedback.

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R. Gregory Cochran

Many congratulations Amy to you and the rest of the Source team for such a fantastic job on the new website. It’s truly a work of art and super accessible (but I thought the previous one was pretty good too!). Well done and many thanks for all your hard work.