COVID-19 Crisis | Editor's Note

The Source Launches the “COVID-19 Crisis” Key Issue Page

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the nation, it has underscored and brought national attention to many of the issues in the U.S. healthcare system and the pressing needs for policy reform. On the new "COVID-19 Crisis" key issue page, The Source looks at the implications of the pandemic as it pertains to healthcare markets, costs, and delivery, as well as federal and state responses to address them.

This new page will compile the latest curated news and academic articles relating to healthcare issues that arise from the COVID-19 crisis, as well as Source Blog posts that present research and analyses of legislative, executive, and legal and enforcement actions in response to the crisis.

Last month, Executive Editor Jaime King published an opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine that discusses Covid-19 and the Need for Health Care Reform. On the Source Blog, Senior Health Policy Researcher Katie Gudiksen examined how the pandemic heightens the need for surprise billing protections and what's currently in place at federal and state levels.

Additionally on the new page, we will make available resources related to the impact and responses to the COVID-19 crisis in easily digestible formats such as maps and data charts. This month, we presented our research on existing telehealth mandates and new ones created in response to the COVID-19 crisis, specifically in terms of reimbursement, cost-sharing, coverage and access, in the form of multiple 50-state maps and accompanying data charts of relevant statutes and orders.

We will continue to roll out additional resources and analyses related to healthcare issues during the COVID-19 crisis. Stay tuned!

Key Issues: COVID-19 Crisis

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