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The Petris Center Highlights Research Collaborations with The Source

The Nicholas C. Petris Center on Health Care Markets and Consumer Welfare, in its annual newsletter published this month, highlights many of the research collaborations with The Source in 2020 and 2021. Among the work are two studies on market consolidation and competition, one of which examines the impact of state merger review and the use of anticompetitive contract clauses on healthcare prices, quality and premiums (both research findings are published on The Source). Another ongoing project seeks to determine the size and scope of cross-market hospital and physician organization mergers in the U.S and propose evidence-based legal criteria to aid antitrust enforcers and judges in identifying anticompetitive cross-market mergers.

The newsletter also highlights the Database on State Laws Impacting Health Cost and Quality (SLIHCQ) hosted on The Source, where much the legislative research is drawn from. Source Executive Editor Jaime King and Distinguished Fellow Tim Greaney also testified before the California State Assembly Committee on Health regarding these issues.

Also check out some of the other notable work by our colleagues at the Petris Center, including findings on the effects of health care prices on wages, studies of vertical integration, reports on the impact of COVID-19, and last but not least, the recent appointment of the Petris Center Director Richard Scheffler to the Healthy California for All Commission by Governor Newsom.

Read more about the Petris Center's economic studies and analysis on healthcare markets and costs here.

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