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[Sutter Case Watch] BREAKING: Sutter Trial Delayed Due to Jury Trouble

See UFCW & Employers Benefit Trust v. Sutter Health case page.


Updated 10/11/19: Start of Trial further delayed to Monday, October 21 per 10/11 hearing regarding jury selection.

By: Alex Montague, Graduate Research Fellow

Opening arguments for the antitrust case against Sutter Health, set to begin Oct 10 at 10:15am in the Superior Court of San Francisco, were postponed today after the court expressed concern that there was an insufficient number of jurors available to move forward for the trial. Several jurors were absent for today's trial due to medical conditions and various other reasons, with several more expressing that they may not be able to serve for the entire length of the trial. This leaves the current total number jurors at 19—a number that presiding judge Anne-Christine Massullo felt was not enough for a trial of this length as it creates a risk of mistrial.

In light of the jury troubles, the parties stipulated to continue opening arguments to next Tuesday, Oct 15. However, Judge Massullo indicated there is a likelihood that it may be pushed to Thursday, Oct 17 if the court needs to call a new panel of jurors to replace the missing jurors.

To catch up on the road so far in this landmark case, read The Source Case Watch. Stay tuned to The Source Blog as we continue to bring firsthand coverage and analysis of this case.

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