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Private Antitrust Litigation in Healthcare Summit

The Source recently hosted an event on private antitrust litigation in healthcare at our home of UC Hastings College of the Law. The event brought together litigators, economists, and academics for an afternoon of lively discussion to share the challenges of and tips for litigating in this area. It was an opportunity for the type of interdisciplinary exchange that is at the heart of the Source’s mission. As a forum for resource and discussion of healthcare price and competition issues, the Source hopes to host additional events in the future to further advance the various tools available to address market power and resulting high prices in healthcare. We hope to see you at one! 

For now, the Source continues to track the latest developments in private antitrust litigation on the Source Blog as well as on our interactive federal and state maps. We always welcome contributions and suggestions from practitioners, economists, and legal academics to improve and expand this space as a catalyst for change in the U.S. healthcare system. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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