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[In the Press] Interview Quoted in Courthouse News Service Article “Biden Beefs Up Student Debt, Medicare Plans to Woo Sanders Voters”

Distinguished Fellow and Advisory Board Member Tim Greaney was quoted in the 4/9/2020 Courthouse New Service article Biden Beefs Up Student Debt, Medicare Plans to Woo Sanders Voters:

It’s not clear how many older workers would actually opt for Medicare rather than an employer plan since many larger employers’ plans are relatively generous, according to Thomas Greaney, who teaches health care law at the University of California Hastings Law School.

“Traditional Medicare has a lot of holes in it. There are very high co-pays and no out-of-pocket limits. I’m not so sure how attractive it will be,” he said.

But he added that Medicare Advantage plans, if they end up being included in Biden’s proposal, might be more attractive.

Seniors might prefer Medicare to many smaller employers’ plans, he noted, and this could be a benefit to those employers because “it could take away some of their most costly employees and ease their cost burdens.”

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