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New Video Explainer Focuses on Primary Driver of High Health Care Prices: Health Care Consolidation

Health care consolidation has been on the rise for decades, leading to higher health care prices, not higher quality. Today, two-thirds of hospitals in the U.S. are part of a larger health system; almost 1 in 3 physicians now works in a hospital-owned practice. Many regions are dominated by a single system, leaving patients and families without access to affordable, high-quality care.


Arnold Ventures recently released the second video in a series about high health care prices and the impact they have on health care costs and affordability for consumers, employers, and taxpayers. The first explainer video was released earlier this summer, along with a poll that showed that a majority of voters believe it is very important for policymakers to take action to lower health care prices, including limiting the prices hospitals can charge.

See also the Source Market Consolidation key issue page for more information.


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