SB 687 – California

Status: Inactive / Dead
Year Introduced: 2018
Link: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB687

Health facilities: emergency services: Attorney General: This bill would apply the notice and consent requirements to a nonprofit corporation, without regard to whether it is currently operating or providing health care services or has a suspended license, prior to agreeing to sell, transfer, lease, exchange, option, convey, or otherwise dispose of the assets resulting from the reduction or elimination of emergency medical services provided at a licensed emergency center after the Attorney General gives a specified consent or conditional consent. The bill would require the Attorney General to review and consent to the sale, transfer, lease, exchange, option, conveyance, or disposal of any assets resulting from a qualifying nonprofit corporation’s reduction or elimination of emergency medical services that occurred on or after January 1, 2016.

The bill would also require any nonprofit corporation, as defined, that operates or controls a health facility or operates or controls a facility that provides similar health care and that provides emergency medical services at a licensed emergency center to provide written notice to, and obtain written consent of, the Attorney General prior to a reduction of the level of emergency medical services provided or the elimination of those services. This bill would require the written notice to contain the information that the Attorney General determines is required to make a decision in the public interest.

This bill would prohibit the State Department of Public Health from licensing a stand-alone emergency room, freestanding emergency department, or freestanding emergency center that is not part of a general acute care hospital facility providing 24-hour inpatient care with basic services. The bill would require the above-described notice to also be given to the agency in charge of the provision of health services.

*Passed but vetoed by Governor

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