SB 367 (see companion bill AB 457) – Wisconsin

Status: Inactive / Dead
Year Introduced: 2018

Generally, this bill sets requirements on certain health insurance plans that rent networks of dental service providers to other entities. The bill requires a defined network plan, which includes a health maintenance organization, a preferred provider plan, a limited service health organization, or other insurer that covers dental services and engages in the practice of renting its network of dental service providers to 1) include in any contract with a dental service provider a notification that the plan, organization, or insurer engages in the practice of network rental and a list of all potential entities to which the network may be rented, 2) maintain and update an Internet site with a list of entities to which a dental service provider’s contract may be rented, and 3) notify a dental service provider, in writing, that his or her contract has been rented and to what entity the contract has been rented. Any person that rents a network of participating dental service providers is required by the bill to abide by the terms and conditions of the dental service provider’s original contract. Additionally, the bill allows a dental service provider whose contract has been rented to terminate their participation in the contract with the entity to which his or her contract has been rented without terminating the original contract.


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