Texas has enacted legislation to explore the desirability and feasibility of deploying an APCD in the state. In addition to exploring payment-for-performance models in tandem with its existing rate review processes, Texas maintains a number of consumer resources for finding and using health insurance.

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The Source tracks state activities impacting healthcare price and competition in both legislation and litigation in a searchable database to help stakeholders at the state level understand their legal and regulatory environment as they make efforts to improve access, quality, and efficiency, and reduce costs in healthcare. We currently cover bills from the 2017-2018 legislative term and key statutes from each state. Search the database for specific bills, statutes or cases by using keyword, key issue category, and/or jurisdiction.

*Note: 2019 legislative session updates are currently in progress. Check back weekly for updates. 

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Texas’ current legislative session runs from 1/8/2019 – 5/27/2019.

2018-2019 BUDGET

Texas’ biennium budget begins September 1 after each regular legislative session. The budget for the next biennium (2018-2019) will cover September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2019. Texas enacted its 2018-2019 Budget during the regular legislative session.  To view the Governor’s most recent proposal on Texas’ health spending, go to pages 24-29.