North Dakota has been relatively inactive in recent legislative sessions in regard to legislation on healthcare transparency, costs, or markets. For a complete listing of health related statutes visit the State Health Practice Database for Research.

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The Source tracks state activities impacting healthcare price and competition in both legislation and litigation in a searchable database to help stakeholders at the state level understand their legal and regulatory environment as they make efforts to improve access, quality, and efficiency, and reduce costs in healthcare. We currently cover bills from the 2017-2018 legislative term and key statutes from each state. Search the database for specific bills, statutes or cases by using keyword, key issue category, and/or jurisdiction.

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North Dakota’s most recent legislative session ended on 4/27/2017. The Legislature is currently in the interim period between legislative sessions as there is no regular 2018 legislative session.

2017-2019 BUDGET

By the close of each regular legislative session, the Legislative Assembly approves North Dakota’s biennial budget, which takes effect on July 1 of that year and ends on June 30 of the following odd-numbered year. North Dakota enacted its biennial budget during the 2017 Legislative session. To view North Dakota’s Department of Health 2017-2019 spending, visit page 157 here.