Editor's Note

Source Advisory Board Member Thomas Greaney Discusses the Evidence in Anthem-Cigna Merger Trial

The first phase of the Anthem-Cigna merger trial ended on December 20, 2016 (see our blog post with updates on the trial here). In the case, DOJ is arguing that the $48 billion merger between Anthem and Cigna, two of the nation’s largest health insurers, violates federal antitrust law.

To lay out the issues and offer predictions about how the court may decide the case, Health Affairs Blog published this article on the case by Source Advisory Board Member Thomas Greaney titled The Anthem/Cigna Merger Trial: Sifting Through The Evidence. In the post, Professor Greaney examines the major arguments in the case about market definition|the role of other "Blue" affiliate insurers|whether the merger would create savings|and the contentious relationship between Anthem and Cigna. We hope you enjoy it!


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