Sutter Antitrust Class Action Could Upend Industry Consolidation

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Jaime S. King
Jaime S. King Executive Editor

 Joyce E. Cutler
September 20, 2019

Executive Editor Jaime King was quoted in the 9/20/2019 Bloomberg Law article “Sutter Antitrust Class Action Could Upend Industry Consolidation“:

Health-care costs are one of the most important concerns in the U.S., said Jaime King, associate dean of the University of California Hastings School of Law and director of the Concentration on Law and Health Sciences.

“I know that attorneys general in other states are paying very close attention to what’s happening because concentration is not something that is just happening in California—it’s happening all over the country. If successful we will start to see a rollout of lots of similar cases across country,” King said.

“I think we will see ripple effects that go well into the future,” she said.

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