Jaime S. King
Jaime S. King Executive Editor

Roslyn Murray, Suzanne Delbanco, Jaime S. King
March 9, 2020

Hot off the press: JAMA Health Forum article Promoting Health Care Transparency via State Legislative Efforts highlights state health transparency legislation from The State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost (SLIHCQ) Database, a public database established by The Source on Healthcare Price and Competition and Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR).

The article looks at specific examples of state transparency legislation catalogued in the database including:

  1. All-payer claims database (APCD) – New Hampshire, Colorado
  2. Right-to-shop – Maine, Utah
  3. Surprise or balance billing – New York

Find out details of these state legislation and more on the SLIHCQ Database now available on The Source!

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