SB 276 – Indiana

Status: In Process
Year Introduced: 2024

This bill introduces new regulations for hospitals’ billing practices and financial disclosures to patients in Indiana. It prohibits the garnishment of a consumer’s unpaid earnings in satisfaction of any amount of healthcare debt. It also bars healthcare providers from sharing information related to healthcare debt to consumer reporting agencies, and requires them to include a provision in their contracts to prevent third-party furnishers from reporting or sharing such information. If healthcare debt information is reported or shared against these prohibitions, the consumer is relieved from any liability to pay the amount of debt reported, while the healthcare provider and third-party furnisher are not allowed to collect the amount reported. The bill also mandates consumer reporting agencies to delete any record of healthcare debt from a consumer’s file upon the consumer’s request. It further restricts a healthcare provider from charging excessive interest rates on the unpaid balances of healthcare debt and from initiating any delinquent account action while an appeal for insurance coverage is pending. It also outlines various policies and prohibitions on health care debt and credit.

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