HB 1034 – Illinois

Status: In Process
Year Introduced: 2023
Link: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=1034&GAID=17&GA=103&DocTypeID=HB&LegID=142945&SessionID=112

Amends the Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Provides that the amendatory provisions apply to any manufacturer of a prescription drug that is purchased or reimbursed by specified parties. Provides that a manufacturer of a prescription drug with a wholesale acquisition cost of more than $40 for a course of therapy shall notify specified parties if the increase in the wholesale acquisition cost of the prescription drug is more than 10%, including the proposed increase and cumulative increase. Provides that the notice of price increase shall be provided in writing at least 60 days prior to the planned date of the increase. Provides that no later than 30 days after notification of a price increase or new prescription drug the manufacturer shall report specified additional information to specified parties. Provides that a manufacturer of a prescription drug shall provide written notice if the manufacturer is introducing a new prescription drug to market at a wholesale acquisition cost that exceeds a specified threshold. Provides that failure to provide notice under the amendatory provisions shall result in a civil penalty of $10,000 per day for every day after the notification period that the manufacturer fails to report the information. Requires the Department of Public Health to conduct an annual public hearing on the aggregate trends in prescription drug pricing. Requires the Department to publish on its website a report detailing findings from the public hearing and a summary of details from reports provided under the amendatory provisions, except for information identified as a trade secret or exempted under the Freedom of Information Act. Provides that the amendatory provisions shall not restrict the legal ability of a pharmaceutical manufacturer to change prices as permitted under federal law.

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