AB 784 (see companion bill SB 743) – Wisconsin

Status: In Process
Year Introduced: 2023
Link: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2023/proposals/ab784

This bill requires defined network plans, such as health maintenance
organizations, and certain preferred provider plans and self-insured governmental
plans that cover benefits or services provided in either an emergency department of
a hospital or independent freestanding emergency department to cover emergency
medical services without requiring a prior authorization determination and without
regard to whether the health care provider providing the emergency medical services
is a participating provider or facility. If the emergency medical services for which
coverage is required are provided by a nonparticipating provider, the plan must 1)
not impose a prior authorization requirement or other limitation that is more
restrictive than if the service was provided by a participating provider; 2) not impose
cost sharing on an enrollee that is greater than the cost sharing required if the
service was provided by a participating provider; 3) calculate the cost-sharing
amount to be equal to the amount that would have been charged if the service was
provided by a participating provider; 4) provide, within 30 days of the provider’s or
facility’s bill, an initial payment or denial notice to the provider or facility and then
pay a total amount to the provider or facility that is equal to the amount by which
the provider’s or facility’s rate exceeds the amount it received in cost sharing from
the enrollee; and 5) count any cost-sharing payment made by the enrollee for the emergency medical services toward any in-network deductible or out-of-pocket
maximum as if the cost-sharing payment was made for services provided by a
participating provider or facility. The provider or facility may not bill or hold liable
an enrollee of the plan for any amount for the emergency medical service that is more
than the cost-sharing amount that is calculated as described in the bill for the
emergency medical service.

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