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20 Ill. Comp. Stat. § 1705/71a. Community Behavioral Health Care: Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Administrative Act – Illinois
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 2011
The Department shall strive to guarantee that persons, including children, suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, and other behavioral disorders have access to locally accessible behavioral health care providers who have the ability to treat …
AB 1400 – California
Introduced: 2021    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Guaranteed Health Care for All. Existing federal law, the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), requires each state to establish an American Health Benefit Exchange to facilitate the purchase of qualified health benefit …

AB 1622 – California
Introduced: 2019    Status: Enacted    
Family physicians. (1) Existing law, the Dental Practice Act, provides for the licensure and regulation of dentists by the Dental Board of California. Existing law makes it unprofessional conduct for a dentist to fail to …

AB 3087 – California
Introduced: 2018    Status: Inactive / Dead    
California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission: This bill would create the California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission, an independent state agency, to control in-state health care costs and set the amounts …

Alaska Stat. §§ 47.05.200 through 47.05.290: Oversight of Medical Care Programs – Alaska
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 1972
It is declared by the legislature as a matter of public concern that the needy persons of this state who are eligible for medical care at public expense under this chapter should seek only uniform …
Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 510 through 512: Advocacy for Appropriate Health Care – California
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 1994
A provider whose employment or contractual relationship is terminated or is penalized for appealing a payer’s decision to deny payment for a service pursuant to the reasonable grievance or appeal procedure or protest a decision, …
Cal. Ins. Code §§ 10133 through 10133.11: Life and Disability Insurance — Transfer – California
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 1951
Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize an insurer to furnish or directly provide services of hospitals, or psychiatric health facilities, as defined in Section 1250.2 of the Health and Safety Code, or …
Cal. Welf. & Inst. Code §§ 14184 through 14184.90: Medi-Cal 2020 Demonstration Project Act – California
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 2016
California’s “Medi-Cal 2020” Medicaid demonstration project, No. 11-W-00193/9, focuses on expanded health care system capacity, better coordinated care, and aligned incentives within the Medi-Cal program in order to improve health outcomes for Medi-Cal beneficiaries, while …
H 1003 – Massachusetts
Introduced: 2019    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Relative to establishing alternative payment arrangements to promote health care non-discrimination. Financial Services.

H 1095 – Massachusetts
Introduced: 2019    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Relative to coverage for telemedicine services. Financial Services.

H 1115 – Massachusetts
Introduced: 2021    Status: In Process    
An Act for health care non-discrimination. When establishing alternative payment arrangements, a carrier may take into account patient population characteristics including age, acuity, social determinants of health, and behavioral health service needs. The measures of …

H 1194 – Massachusetts
Introduced: 2019    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Relative to providing access to health care services for all residents through a single payer Medicare for all health care financing system. Health Care Financing.

HB 470 (see comparison bill SB 522) – Maryland
Introduced: 2021    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Establishing the Commission on Universal Health Care; providing for the composition, chair, and staffing of the Commission; requiring the Commission to develop a plan for the State to establish, on or before January 1, 2024, …

HCR 111 – Kentucky
Introduced: 2020    Status: Inactive / Dead    
A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION creating the Task Force on Alternative Reimbursement Payment Models for Rural Hospitals. Create the Task Force on Alternative Reimbursement Payment Models for Rural Hospitals to consider alternative methods of helping rural hospitals …

Md. Code, Health-Gen. §§ 16-201 through 16-208: Reimbursements and Collections — General Provisions – Maryland
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 1982
The Secretary shall require political subdivisions and grantees to set, subject to approval and modifications of the Secretary, charges for services that are provided by the political subdivisions or grantees and that are supported wholly …
Me. Stat. tit. 24-A, § 4320-H. Payment reform pilot projects: Health Plan Requirements – Maine
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 2011
2012 legislation that authorized a pilot program to allow for insurance carriers to implement payment reform strategies with providers through the structure of ACOs. Authorizes Superintendent of Insurance to allow payment reform pilot projects between …
53 results returned.
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