New Mexico’s healthcare system is currently facing access issues as 1 in 3 residents is enrolled in Medicaid, the highest rate in the country. In 2014, Think New Mexico, a bipartisan group based out of Santa Fe, launched an initiative to support transparency in healthcare, proposing a law that would require hospitals to create a single pricelist for all payers and to forbid insurers from including price gag clauses in contracts with providers.

In the 2018 legislative term, New Mexico introduced several bills aimed at promoting price transparency and cost control. In its renewed efforts to establish an All-Payer Claims Database (APCD), the state introduced SB 191, which would appropriate funds to the Department of Health to fund planning for an APCD. A bill to create a task force to study and issue recommendations for the creation of an APCD was passed by the New Mexico legislature in 2013, but was killed by a pocket veto from Republican Governor Susana Martinez. New Mexico also introduced a legislation to establish an interagency pharmaceuticals purchasing council that would review and coordinate cost-containment strategies. Both bills failed to pass at the end of the 2018 session.

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New Mexico’s current legislative term runs from 1/15/2019 – 3/16/2019. New Mexico’s next legislative term will begin in 2020.


New Mexico’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. New Mexico enacted its FY 2018 Budget during the regular legislative session. To view New Mexico’s FY 2018 Budget, click here.


  • New Mexico was one of 16 states to file an amicus brief supporting the FTC’s winning position in the Ninth Circuit appeal of St. Luke’s Health Care Sys. v. FTC, No. 14-35173 (March 7, 2014), decided February 10, 2015. The States’ brief stated that the acceleration of health care costs due to the growth of large health care provider systems had become a matter of grave concern for the states.