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New on The Source: Downloadable Chart of Merger Review Legal Authority for All 50 States

Newly available on the Source: our health policy research team compiled a user-friendly, downloadable Excel spreadsheet of all provider merger review authority for all 50 states, now on the Market Consolidation interactive key issue page. The detailed chart provides clickable citations of all statutes, regulations, and state authority for mergers, acquisitions, conversions, or changes in ownership of healthcare providers.

The comprehensive spreadsheet allows side-by-side comparisons of the level of legal authority for each state to receive notice of impending transactions, review those transactions, and approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove them. It is conveniently organized by each type of state entity:

  • Attorney general notice, approval, and review criteria
  • Court approval requirement and criteria
  • State health agency notice, approval and review criteria
  • Certificate of Need (CON) notice, approval, and review criteria

Click on each citation for a direct link to the statutory text and other detailed information as provided by the Database of State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost and Quality (SLIHCQ). All laws and regulations are current as of July 2021.

Click here to download.

Download PDF

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