In the Matter of Keystone Orthopaedic Specialists, LLC and Orthopaedic Associates of Reading, Ltd.

Date Filed: October 15, 2015
Status: Decided
District Court: United States of America Before The Federal Trade Commission – FTC Matter No. 141 0025
Nature of Suit: Healthcare Consolidation
Defendant Type: Provider
Plaintiff Type: Federal
Case Info:

In December 2015, Keystone Orthopaedic Specialists, LLC, an orthopedic practice formed through a combination of six independent orthopedic practices, agreed to settle charges with the FTC that the merger substantially reduced competition for orthopedic services in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Keystone and another practice, Orthopaedic Associates are required to obtain prior approval from the Commission before acquiring any interests in each other, before acquiring another orthopedic practice in Berks County, and before hiring or offering membership to an orthopedist who has provided services in Berks County in the past year.  Read the FTC’s full case summary here.

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