In the Matter of Cabell Huntington Hospital, Inc., Pallottine Health Services, Inc., and St. Mary’s Medical Center, Inc.

Date Filed: November 6, 2015
Status: Decided
District Court: United States of America Before The Federal Trade Commission – FTC Matter No. 1410218
Nature of Suit: Healthcare Consolidation
Defendant Type: Provider
Plaintiff Type: Federal
Case Info:

On July 6, 2016 the FTC voted to abandon its challenge to the merger of Cabell Huntington and St. Mary’s hospitals in light of state legislation that exempted the deal from federal antitrust scrutiny. The West Virginia Healthcare Authority had approved the merger in June, despite the fact that the FTC had tried to block the deal last November. The WV state legislature’s SB 597, which gave the Attorney General and Health Care Authority Jurisdiction over cooperative agreements like the one at issue here and provided for an exemption from federal antitrust scrutiny, went into effect in March 2016.

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