SB 677 – Oklahoma

Status: Inactive / Dead
Year Introduced: 2019

An Act relating to health insurance; creating the Network Adequacy and Use of Out-of-Network Providers Act; requiring certain insurers to assess network adequacy; requiring Insurance Commissioner to review adequacy at certain times; requiring certain insurers to provide certain coverage options; authorizing Commissioner to require certain coverage options of insurers; authorizing
Commissioner to waive certain coverage requirements in certain circumstances; defining terms; requiring Commission to specify certain nonprofit for specified duty; exempting certain medical services from act; providing construing provision; requiring health care plan to cover emergency services at certain cost; requiring insurer give certain notice to insured about coverage; requiring insurer provide certain documents and information to insured about covered facilities and coverage in-network and out-ofnetwork; requiring utilization review agent of insurer to provide certain determination of coverage in certain amount of time; requiring determination be given to insured electronically; establishing terms of determination notification; providing procedure for appeal of determination in-network and out-of-network; requiring external appeal agent for reviews of out-of-network determination; requiring written statement for denial of certain coverage; providing terms of written statement for denial of coverage; requiring certain health care professionals to disclose health care plans and hospitals they belong to; requiring out-of-network health care
professionals notify patients in certain circumstances; requiring physicians to provide information of certain health care professionals scheduled to treat patient; requiring hospitals to post certain information on website; requiring hospitals to provide certain information in admission or registration materials.

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