SB 1575 – Oklahoma

Status: Inactive / Dead
Year Introduced: 2020

An Act relating to health insurance; creating the Oklahoma Right to Shop Act; defining terms; requiring certain health insurers to establish certain incentivization program; establishing terms of program; requiring notice of program; classifying certain payment as nonadministrative for certain purposes; requiring certain filing with Insurance Commissioner; exempting certain insurance plans from act; requiring certain health insurers to establish mechanism on website for program information; establishing terms and information provided by mechanism; authorizing insurers to contract with third-party vendors; allowing for services exempted from program requirements; requiring certain notification to insured; requiring insurer to allow and apply payment for out-of-network providers or facilities in certain conditions; establishing terms of certain out-of-network care and payment; requiring insurer to provide certain online form; establishing payment rates; requiring notification of certain payment information to insured; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

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