S 4007C (see companion bill A 3007C) – New York

Status: Enacted
Year Introduced: 2023
Link: https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2023/s4007/amendment/c

Requires notice of “material transactions” between “health care entities” be provided to the state’s health department at least 30 days before the transaction’s closing date. A material transaction is defined as any of the following that occur during a single transaction or in a “series of related transactions” within a rolling 12-month period:
- A merger
- An acquisition of one or more health-care entities, including the assignment, sale, or other conveyance of assets, voting securities, membership or partnership interests or the transfer of control, such as contracting for services commonly provided through a management or administrative services agreement between a practice and an MSO
– An affiliation agreement or contract formed between a health-care entity and another person
- The formation of a partnership, joint venture, accountable care organization, parent organization, or MSO for the purpose of administering contracts with health plans, third-party administrators, pharmacy benefit managers, or health-care providers

The bill includes physician practices and management service organizations as health-care entities.

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