Md. Code, Health-Gen. §§ 16-201 through 16-208: Reimbursements and Collections — General Provisions – Maryland

Status: Enacted
Year Enacted: 1982
Year Amended: 2018
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The Secretary shall require political subdivisions and grantees to set, subject to approval and modifications of the Secretary, charges for services that are provided by the political subdivisions or grantees and that are supported wholly or partly by State or federal funds administered by the Department. If a health officer for a political subdivision considers it to be in the best interest of public health, the health officer may waive a charge set under this subsection, and if the Secretary considers it to be in the best interest of the public health, the Secretary may designate specific services for which a charge may not be made. The Secretary shall make an assessment of the Department’s health care services and ability-to-pay schedule for prenatal and infant care services offered through local health agencies.

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