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305 Ill. Comp. Stat. § 5/5-5.12. Pharmacy payments: Medical Assistance – Illinois
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 1984
Pharmacies providing prescription drugs under this Article shall be reimbursed at a rate which shall include a professional dispensing fee as determined by the Illinois Department, plus the current acquisition cost of the prescription drug …
AB 1050 – California
Introduced: 2021    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Medi-Cal: application for enrollment: prescription drugs. (1) Existing law provides for the Medi-Cal program, which is administered by the State Department of Health Care Services, under which qualified low-income individuals receive health care services. The …

AB 2100 – California
Introduced: 2020    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Medi-Cal: pharmacy benefits. (1) Existing law establishes the Medi-Cal program, administered by the State Department of Health Care Services and under which health care services are provided to qualified low-income persons pursuant to a schedule …

AB 550 (see companion bill SB 542) – Wisconsin
Introduced: 2021    Status: In Process    
This bill prohibits any person from reimbursing certain entities that participate in the federal drug pricing program, known as the 340B program, for a drug subject to an agreement under the program at a rate …

Cal. Welf. & Inst. Code §§ 14100 through 14124.14: Medi-Cal Act – California
Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 1965
Each eligible facility, as described in subdivision (b), may, in addition to the rate of payment that the facility would otherwise receive for adult day health services, receive supplemental Medi-Cal reimbursement to the extent provided …
HB 1122 – Colorado
Introduced: 2022    Status: Enacted    
Concerning prohibiting certain practices by entities obligated to pay for prescription drug benefits, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB 1348 (see companion bill SB 1205) – Tennessee
Introduced: 2021    Status: In Process    
As introduced, prohibits certain health insurance issuers, managed health insurance issuers, pharmacy benefits managers, or other third-party payers from taking certain actions against entities participating in the federal 340B drug discount program. – Amends TCA …

HB 1393 – Indiana
Introduced: 2021    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Pharmacy benefit managers. Prohibits the inclusion of certain provisions in a contract between a pharmacy benefit manager and an entity authorized to participate in the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program. Provides that a pharmacy benefit …

HB 1405 – Indiana
Introduced: 2021    Status: Enacted    
Requires the legislative services agency to conduct a study of market concentration in Indiana in the health insurance industry, the hospital industry, and five other industries and to present the findings of the study to …

HB 1890 (see companion bill SB 1942) – Tennessee
Introduced: 2020    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Pharmacy, Pharmacists – As introduced, prohibits a pharmacy benefit manager and certain other third parties from taking certain actions against entities and pharmacies participating in the federal 340B drug discount program; creates a private cause …

HB 2260 (see companion bill SB 174) – Kansas
Introduced: 2021    Status: In Process    
Prohibiting disparate treatment by pharmacy benefits managers of certain pharmacies and pharmaceutical services providers participating in the federal 340B drug pricing program.

HB 308 – Utah
Introduced: 2022    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Prescription Drug Amendments. This bill modifies provisions relating to reimbursement and contracting for pharmaceutical drugs; enacts new prohibitions on pharmacy benefit managers regarding drug pricing and contracting for 430B entities and 340 drugs; prohibits a …

HB 4348 – Michigan
Introduced: 2021    Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 2022
AN ACT to license and regulate pharmacy benefit managers; to require reporting of certain data; to provide for the powers and duties of certain state governmental officers and entities; to provide remedies; to require the …

HB 4351 – Michigan
Introduced: 2021    Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 2022
House Bill 4351 would amend the Third Party Administrator Act. The bill would require that a contract between a carrier or pharmacy benefit manager and a pharmacy not prohibit the pharmacy from disclosing the current …

HB 4595 (see companion bill SB 3729) – Illinois
Introduced: 2022    Status: In Process    
Amends the Illinois Insurance Code. Provides that a contract between a pharmacy benefit manager or third-party payer and a covered entity under Section 340B of the federal Public Health Service Act shall not contain specified …

SB 102 – California
Introduced: 2019    Status: Inactive / Dead    

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