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HB 127 – Utah
Introduced: 2017    Status: Inactive / Dead    
This bill requires a health insurer to develop and implement a savings reward program for enrollees; requires an insurer to obtain approval of the savings reward program from the insurance commission; and gives the commissioner …

HB 128 – Utah
Introduced: 2017    Status: Enacted    
This bill defines terms; modifies the circumstances under which a health care provider may make a report to a credit bureau, use the services of a collection agency, or use a non-routine billing or notification …

HB 154 – Utah
Introduced: 2017    Status: Enacted    
This bill defines terms; amends the Medical Assistance Act regarding reimbursement for telemedicine services; amends the Insurance Code to require insurer transparency regarding telehealth reimbursement; amends the Public Employees’ Benefit and Insurance Program Act (PEHP) …

HB 163 – Utah
Introduced: 2018    Status: Inactive / Dead    
This bill creates a program and reporting requirements relating to prescription drugs and the importation of prescription drugs. This bill requires the Department of Health to design a prescription drug importation program; apply for approval …

HB 178 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Enacted    
Transparency Website Amendments: amends certain reporting requirements; requires the state auditor to create and maintain a health care price transparency tool that is accessible by the public; makes the state auditor responsible for administering the …

HB 19 – Utah
Introduced: 2018    Status: Enacted    
HEALTH INSURANCE RIGHT TO SHOP. This bill amends provisions regarding the development of a program to reward enrollees for selecting high-quality and low-cost health care providers. This bill: defines terms; amends the inducements provisions of …

HB 247 – Utah
Introduced: 2017    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Requires a health insurer to pay non-network health care providers for emergency services provided to an enrollee; establishes a benchmark for payment for emergency services provided by a non-network health care provider; prohibits a non-network …

HB 267 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Prescription Drug Importation Program: requires the Department of Health to submit certain requests regarding import prescription drugs.

HB 336 – Utah
Introduced: 2017    Status: Enacted    
This bill merges the regulation of health insurance plans that are offered by managed care organizations into a managed care organization chapter of the Insurance Code; amends the duties of the Office of Consumer Health …

HB 37 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Enacted    
Reauthorization of Hospital Provider Assessment Act: repeals and reenacts the Hospital Provider Assessment Act with a retrospective effective date; amends provisions relating to the calculation of hospital provider assessment rates; and extends the sunset date …

HB 370 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 2019
Pharmacy Benefit Manager Amendments: creates a pharmacy benefit manager license; requires a person who acts as a pharmacy benefit manager in the state to be licensed by the Insurance Department; and creates certain operating and …

HB 392 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Enacted    
Telemedicine Reimbursement Amendments: requires the Medicaid program to reimburse for certain telemedicine services at rates set by the Medicaid program; requires the Public Employees’ Benefit and Insurance Program to reimburse for certain telemedicine services at …

HB 443 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Health Care Cost Transparency: requires a hospital to provide a complete list of itemized charges to a patient within a specified time period; requires a health care facility to publish information related to standard charges; …

HB 73 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Enacted    
Medical Payment Rates Amendments: requires the Department of Health to report to the Legislature when the department applies, or receives approval, for a change in any Medicaid capitated payment rates; and amends provisions relating to …

SB 208 – Utah
Introduced: 2018    Status: Enacted     Year Enacted: 2018
This bill requires a pharmacy service entity that uses direct or indirect remuneration to report certain information to pharmacies or the pharmacies’ pharmacy services administration organization; and prohibits a benefits manager or coordinator from preventing …

SB 223 – Utah
Introduced: 2019    Status: Inactive / Dead    
Pharmaceutical Entity Transparency Act: amends provisions related to the information an insurer and health benefit plan must provide to an enrollee or prospective enrollee, including information regarding formulary changes; requires a pharmacy benefit manager to …


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