Ban on Non-Compete Agreements Amendment Act of 2019: Law 23-209 bans the use of non-compete provisions in employment agreements and workplace policies. It also protects employees’ right to make a complaint or file a court case and it bars employers from retaliating against employees who inquire about their rights. Among other things, it specifies statutory penalties and relief for noncompliance.

ANALYSIS: New Noncompete Laws Signal Pro-Worker Trend


A resolution to declare the sense of the Council that the District of Columbia should urge the United States Congress to enact federal legislation to provide universal, comprehensive health coverage with zero cost-sharing for patients, and to endorse the Medicare for All Act and the State-Based Universal Health Care Act.


Seasonal Pricing Price Gouging Amendment Act of 2021. Bill 24-126 would make a public health emergency a triggering event for the prohibition against price gouging. It would also allow a seasonal pricing model to protect consumers from price gouging.


Copay Accumulator Amendment Act. Bill 24-557 would require health insurers to apply discounts, financial assistance, payments, product vouchers and other reductions in out-of-pocket expenses made by or on behalf of a member when calculating the member’s coinsurance, copayment, cost-sharing responsibility, deductible, or out-of- pocket maximum for a covered benefit.


Prior Authorization Reform Amendment Act of 2022

Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard


Good Faith Waiver of Certificate of Need for Healthcare Providers Emergency Amendment Act of 2021


Good Faith Waiver of Certificate of Need for Healthcare Providers Temporary Amendment Act of 2021


Good Faith Waiver of Certificates of Need for Health Care Providers Emergency Declaration Resolution of 2021