The Source scans a number of the nation's major newspapers and other online publications to bring you the most relevant media coverage of issues related to healthcare cost and competition. You can find the news you are looking for in a variety of ways: find the most recent news articles by looking at the home page. Or, go directly to the News page to find more articles in chronological order. If you prefer to search by issue, head to the Key Issues page to find news related to healthcare costs, healthcare markets, price transparency, quality or ACA impact. Or, head to the topics pages, Legislation/Regulation and Litigation/Enforcement and find relevant news articles there!

We know that many of the news articles we publish require subscriptions for access. We hope that many of you will be able to access most of the items we link to.  If you cannot access a particular piece, we suggest that you contact your organization to determine whether you might have access through a subscription or through a library service like ProQuest.  In addition, many publications offer free access for a limited time, or to a certain number of articles, which we hope will allow you to get the content you need. Also, some publications offer free access to those with an .edu email address. Good luck and please let us know if we can be of assistance!

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