The Source for Competitive Healthcare’s mission is to provide up-to-date and easily accessible information about healthcare cost and competition in the United States by posting news articles, policy papers, academic articles, litigation documents, and legislative/regulatory materials, as well as legal and policy-based analysis of those materials. Further, we aim to offer a diverse array of stakeholder perspectives on the problems associated with healthcare costs and competition, as well as potential solutions, to apprise our readers of the full scope of the existing debate. The Source aims not only to bridge the gaps between health policy, health services research, and legal experts working on issues surrounding healthcare costs and competition, but also to serve as a resource for journalists, state attorneys general, potential litigants, and others seeking to understand and/or promote cost control and competition in healthcare. Specifically, the Source will focus on market issues, such as provider leverage and reform efforts, including the promotion of price transparency in healthcare.
Although the Source is academically based and not aligned with any advocacy-based organizations or parties to litigation, it aims to serve as a catalyst for change within the U.S. healthcare system. It will operate as a core repository and central resource of materials that will empower individuals and groups seeking to bring rationality to healthcare markets. We at the Source believe that effective solutions to healthcare cost and competition problems must be drawn from diverse disciplines including economics, health services research, medicine, and the law. We look forward to providing a forum for this important discussion.