S.C. Code Ann. § 44-6-170 – South Carolina

Status: Enacted
Link: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t44c006.php

Creates a Data Oversight Council comprised of members of the healthcare delivery public and private community for the purposes of making periodic recommendations to the Joint Legislative Health Care Planning and Oversight Committee and the General Assembly respecting the collection and release of healthcare-related data “which the council considers necessary to assist in the formation of health care policy in the State.” The Office of Research and Statistics of the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office is directed to promulgate regulations regarding the collection of inpatient and outpatient information.

• Accordingly, “all general acute care hospitals and specialized hospitals including, but not limited to, psychiatric hospitals, alcohol and substance abuse hospitals, and rehabilitation hospitals shall provide inpatient and financial information to the office as set forth in regulations;” and all hospital-based and freestanding ambulatory surgical facilities must provide outpatient information as set forth in regulations.
• Principles and protocols for the release of healthcare data for consumers, purchasers, healthcare facilities, healthcare insurers, healthcare professionals, researchers and governmental agencies is available here.

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