Ark. Code. Ann. §§ 20-7-301 through 306 – Arkansas

Status: Enacted
Link: http://law.justia.com/codes/arkansas/2010/title-20/subtitle-2/chapter-7/subchapter-3

The “State Health Data Clearinghouse Act,” directs the Division of Health within the Department of Health and Human Services to act as a clearinghouse for the compilation and dissemination of health data. All hospitals and outpatient surgery centers licensed in the state must submit information as prescribed by the Department. The Division of Health is authorized, but not required, to release health data.
Additionally, the Department is directed to provide data to the Arkansas Hospital Association “for its price transparency and consumer-driven health care project that will make price and quality information about Arkansas hospitals available to the general public (implanted as the HospitalConsumerAssist website). The Department shall also prepare a report biennially to the Governor and the Legislature respecting healthcare issues.

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