20 Ill. Comp. Stat. § 2215/4-1 through 4-3 – Illinois

Status: Enacted
Link: http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs5.asp?ActID=328&ChapterID=5

The “Illinois Health Finance Reform Act,” creates a uniform system for the collection, analysis, and distribution of health care cost and utilization data “to make valid comparisons among health care providers of prices and utilization of services provided and to support ongoing analysis of the health care delivery system.” To that end, the act requires that:
1. Hospitals use and payers accept a uniform billing sheet;
2. Hospitals must submit to the Department of Health inpatient and outpatient claims and encounter data;
3. The Department of Public Health must publish a “Consumer Guide to Health Care” and a Hospital Record Card on its website. The Guide must contain information on at least 30 outpatient procedures identified to have the highest degree of variation in patient charges and quality of care, indicating the volume of cases and average charge for each procedure;
4. “Publicly disclosed information must be provided in language that is easy to understand and accessible to consumers using an interactive query system;” and
5. The Department must conduct outreach to educate the public regarding the availability of the foregoing.

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